Captain Squeegee Member Contributes Vocals to Chemtrails' "9/11 Dubstep Song"

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Danny Torgersen of Captain Squeegee

Today, electronic project Chemtrails released a conspiracy-theory addled dubstep jam called "Inside Job" on YouTube, featuring vocals from Captain Squeegee's Danny Torgersen.

Some people don't like dubstep. Some people aren't particularly fond of watching videos of the September 11 attacks. This video is not for those kinds of people.

Posted by Torgersen's production company, Third Productions, the video features flashing lights, quotes from Jesse Ventura, Presidents Barack Obama and George Dubya, and others, as well as footage of the attacks and protestors demanding more investigation of "what really happened."

It's kind of the M.O. over at Third Productions, with this quote featured on the website:

"We have weaved our way into this World Wide Web to wind back the Clock of Thought and inspire aliterizing greatness. With words as weapons, paint as our shield, with music as magic, and film as mythical tools to unify the Three we shall prove one final theory/

This is the theory: The Only thing Man has even given back to the Earth, is Art."

The site also features links to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website, a non-profit corporation of "architects, engineers and affiliates dedicated to exposing the falsehoods and to revealing truths about the "collapses" of the 3 World Trade Center high-rises on September 11, 2001."

So there you have it. Paranoid ranting? Sure. But you know, it may actually be less offensive than sipping that 9/11 commemorative wine that you bought with your 9/11 commemorative coins.

Yuck, right?

Captain Squeegee is scheduled to perform Friday, September 9, at Long Wong's in Tempe.

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Michael Towshack
Michael Towshack

9/11 was a FALSE FLAG.  Respect to Danny Torgersen. 

If you flakes didn't know, art is supposed to mean something, that's what art is... get with the program.

ps. There is some interesting groups dedicated to 9/11 Truth...

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Firefighters for 9/11 Truth  Lawyers for 9/11 Truth9/11 Survivors and Family Members for 9/11 TruthCommissioned and Non-commissioned Military Officers for 9/11 TruthMedia Professionals for 9/11 Truth Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth Patriots Question 9/11Pilots for 9/11 Truth Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice Scientists for 9/11 Truth  Researchers for 9/11 Truth 

pss.  Read the declassified OPERATION NORTHWOODS documents.


Game Name Conrad
Game Name Conrad

I watched it on Acid AND Meth and it was SPECTACULAR! -Richard's Father


Did you intentionally construct this so that it was unbearable and unwatchable.  What a disgusting waste of time; for you making it, and for anyone who tries to watch it.  Maybe this would be OK if you are on acid or meth.  Richard Wallace

Investigate 9/11!
Investigate 9/11!

I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure this was constructed to inform the public of the many obvious issues with the "official" 9/11 story. Instead of being disgusted or immediately assume that ideas differing from yours are due to hard core drugs I highly suggest that you do some research for yourself, and your father. It is COMPLETELY understandable as to why you would be offended, as most great art offends at least some, but take the time to REALLY ask yourself, "why DID they make this?" Hmmmmmm.....

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