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Charles Bergquis

I kind of feel like I'm the only person who isn't completely blown away by Cults -- but I'm willing to bet that seeing Cults at Club Congress on July 30 probably ruled. There are few places I like seeing shows more than Congress, and addition to the crazy-hyped Cults (who probably brought in a nice sized crowd), San Diego's Writer opened the show.

Lucky for me and everyone else who couldn't make it down to the Old Pueblo on Saturday, Writer is playing next Wednesday at The Trunk Space, and Brotherface, the debut release from the lo-fi rockers, is excellent.

Sure, it's barely novel in the current indie climate for your record to sound like it was recorded in a trashcan -- and Brotherface sounds like it was recorded in a particularly trashy one --but the record boasts something that is rare among the crop of lo-fi rockers: great songs.

"Head to Toe" struts with classic pop charm, while "Swamp Fire Lake" swoons woozily like something Brookyn's Woods might record if they ever teamed up with Pavement. "Barefoot Art" careens with an earnest melody, and "North Park Faries" shows off the band's restrained side.

I would wonder if the band could pull the songs off live as a two piece, but this video, shot for Terroreyes, sure seems to indicate that brothers Andy and James Ralph can do it.

Looking forward to this show.

Writer "family dinner" from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

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Love these guys.  I still listen to "Cover Your Tracks" fairly regularly.

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