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​It seems like only yesterday that we were speaking with Colorstore about the band's "bloated and pretentious" Saturday night gig at FilmBar (okay, so it it was Friday). The gig went off without a hitch, but last night the guys ran into a serious snag: Someone ripped off a bunch of  their equipment.

The band has provided a list of missing equipment, and a plea for musicians around town to keep an eye out:

Bogner Shieva 2x12
Vox AC30 TB with Blueback speakers
Sunn Beta Lead combo
Behringer 12 channel mixer
Genz Benz Shenandoah

Any one that frequents pawn shops around the valley, keep an eye out on craigslist, etc etc please. The Three guitar amps are specific. If somebody would try and pawn them or sell them online it might be relatively easy to spot it. Please repost...

Spread the word. Here's hoping the band can recover the items. It would be a shame for them to have trouble doing more cool stuff like this, shot at FilmBar on Saturday night.

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so sad...hope you get the gear back


wow. thanks jason! i drove around the neighborhood. almost stopped some 'younger looking, umm assuming of the gang type' to ask if they know the neighborhood, explaining im just a po folk and this gear is my pride and joy but i had my son with me and chickened out. thanks so much for this blog. really appreciate it. ive had that ac30 for 11 years. more importantly it was two other members amps that were in my care that were taken. thanks so very much for the help. thats really great.  -mark

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