Flier of the Week: NEBA, Flamingo

Flier of the Week NEBA Flamingo.jpg
Yucca Tap Room
​Usually the fliers we choose are intricately designed or they're just plain awesome. Sometimes the graphics are unique. But this one stood out because on top of being awesome, it's laughable. Score!

Don't miss indie pop band NEBA throw it down tonight at the Yucca Tap Room. Flamingo and DJ Adrian Flanagan will take the stage as well. Unfortunately, the word on the street is that Andrew Duncan Brown had to cancel...sad trombone noises.

The show is going down 9 p.m. In good old Yucca fashion, it's a free gig so make sure you and your friends are there!

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Yucca Tap Room

29 W. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ

Category: Music

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