Erratic Radio! Presents Deadbolt at The Rogue

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Deadbolt are a band with a reputation. I remember being introduced to them years ago, when I was working at Zia Records in Tempe. "You've got to see these guys live," said my friend Ryan. "They flick lit cigarettes on each other, they have two bassists, and they use power tools on stage."

I never wound up catching the band live, though I played the hell out of their record Voodoo Trucker. Lucky for me, I'll finally have a chance to remedy that. The psychoblues/surf band is coming to The Rogue on Friday, August 19, courtesy of Erratic Radio!, whose host, Westley Allen, is celebrating his birthday at the show. The evening will also includes sets from Allen's band The Plainfield Butchers, Odds + Sods, and Ace-High Cutthroats.

Allen is a longtime fan of the band.

"Well I got into them around around '95 or so," he says. "Loved that tune, "Who the Hell is Mrs. Valdez?" [and I] still do."

Allen has played with the band twice, once while in Big Vinny & the Cattle Thieves.

"[One of the shows] was a Valentines Day show which got pretty crazy," Allen says. "I almost caught on fire from the sparks of a belt-sander or something."

Allen has hosted frontman Harley Davidson on Erratic! Radio twice. "Man, he is the exact character he plays on stage. He is definitely a funny man. The best moment was sitting in the Erratic! studio drinking "Simpler Times" and listening to him make up an a Capella song about stabbing a hobo. We got that shit archived! So good!"

The show should rule. Word on the street is that Odds + Sods, featuring members of Automatic Erasers, are great, too. I'm looking forward to finding out.

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