A Challenge to Dave Pratt, 'The Morning Mayor,' on X103.9 FM

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A youthful Pratt.
​ X103.9's Facebook fans may still be posting comments like "Maybe you guys can set around in your daily meetings and talk about how great the color red is and the wonders of wearing untied white high tops. You guys really screwed yourselves on this decision" and "Pratt? I thought he was dead. Maybe I will get lucky and he will drop dead tonight. Won't be listening. Thanks for nothing 103.9," but Dave Pratt Live, the latest FM morning show venture from the longtime Valley "shock jock" hit X103.9 this morning.

Joined by his co-host Kassi Jade, Pratt took over at 6 a.m. this morning. So did he play country? Did he stick to X103.9's alternative format? Did he play any songs by The Brady Kids?

Short answer? Yes, to all of it.

Pratt boasted that his show would be "no format," and indeed it was. He tossed in selections you might expect on an alternative station, like The Clash, Adele, The Killers, and The Arcade Fire, but mostly Pratt leaded toward a slightly older audience, with songs by Aerosmith, The Pretenders, Fixx, AC/DC, and Def Leppard.

He tossed out some oddball choices, too, playing a little jam from The Brady Bunch, and "Wild Thing" as an extended joke about Charlie Sheen's Diamondback's adventures this weekend.

Pratt ended his show with The Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet's "Knee Deep," and a Green Day snippet, which he justified by mentioning Dave Grohl has stated he likes Zach Brown.

I'd like to issue a challenge to Pratt: If we're going to use Grohl as an excuse to play non-format tunes, how about playing some Cat Power, Probot, King Buzzo, or something from the Backbeat soundtrack tomorrow?

Or maybe some Scream? Now THAT would really be "no format."

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Fro two days, I thought my radio station was on the wrong channel because all I heard was classic rock and bad DJ b;ather.  Then I remembered Pratt was on 103.9.  I listen to the station because they play alternative rock, not for classic rock.

I don't have a strong opinion on Pratt himself...but his show's music does not match the format of the station.  and he does remind of of the DJs on the Simpsons...a characature of himself.  Time to get out of the 80s...skip the 90s...and the aughts...then you'll be close.


I was really disappointed when I found out he was coming to the station. I have tried listening during my morning commute the past few mornings. I just can't do it. And X103.9 was my primary station. The other DJ's still rock - Robin, Craven, Hammer, Gadger, etc. -love them!

The Cold Hard Truth.
The Cold Hard Truth.

even after all the crap this DBag talked about rock and roll, and the station that bought him his house, his car, paid for his vacations and gave him experiences in life few will get, he still has the nerve to try to work in this town? Thought you were never really a rocker Dave. Can't take that kind of crap back. yet another reason to NOT listen to Phoenix FM radio. Want to make radio right in arizona again? BRING BACK KUKQ, and put Johnathan L and The Bone Mama and so forth BACK ON THE AIR!


Here's what's different for Dave now than before: He used to just repeat his own name for four hours and, when filling out radio diaries, people would use that subliminal suggestion and go with the name they knew best. He never had the most listeners, just the most consistent.

Well they don't use books anymore, and Dave's never worked in the PPM (portable people meter) environment. There, it really is about what you listen to and how long. You can't just write in that you listened to Pratt for four hours if you really didn't. PPM clocks how people respond to what you play a lot more accurately. So his no-format days, based on what he believes is some kind of career invincibility (even though he's on his fourth station in ten years, the previous three ending unceremoniously), just won't fly at X outside of his core group of listeners. People just tuning in won't sit through, say, Randy Newman into Adele, which he played this morning.

Dave may have been a big deal 20 years ago, but at Zone he was carried by Howard for a year-and-a-half (his numbers weren't much stronger than Holmberg, who was in that same spot a year before, only without Howard and with no promotion), and throughout most of his time at KMLE he actually underperformed the rest of the station. 

He's not bringing enough people to the party to change the fates for what used to be The Edge. It'll be his crop in AM drive -- a lot of whom won't join him because they've made other choices in the past two years -- and then X1039 listeners after that, and a lot of them may bolt for something else since that younger alternative demo has an intrinsically lower tolerance for corporate BS, and this move absolutely smacks of that.

Just a terrible decision all the way around. 


"For two days..."   Sorry.

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