Washed Out: Within And Without

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Washed Out - Within and Without
​Ah, chillwave -- the not-so-nascent genre of music that "those darned kids listen to" these days. It'd be foolish to not put Perry, Georgia's Ernest Greene -- better known to the world as Washed Out -- at the forefront of the chillwave bonanza. His efforts in 2009 -- out of his bedroom in his parent's house, mind you -- endeared him to the blogosphere, putting Washed Out's music on everyone's minds.

After two brilliantly crafted EPs, Greene has finally released Washed Out's much-anticipated debut, Within And Without. Buoyed by the strong lead single, "Eyes Be Closed," Within And Without carries the chillwave torch, one still has plenty of fuel left. Greene's latest effort not only helps broaden the appeal of the somewhat difficult to approach genre of chillwave, it also solidifies Washed Out's as the genre's go-to artist.

What the critics are saying:

The Guardian: [W]hat Within and Without most recalls is something taped off the radio in 1984, songs glimpsed through layers of medium wave interference and tape hiss.

The A.V. Club: Within And Without feels designed more for meditation than dance moves. The album's freshly scrubbed beats bump insistently but gently against Greene's gauzy vocals and the occasional string interlude.

Paste Magazine: But it's also, paradoxically, music that fits a myriad of occasions, from background ambience to the kind of gentle dance-swaying that occurs in darkened festival tents all over the world each summer.

Pitchfork: Within and Without is an excellent demonstration of what happens when, even after the buzz-band cycle has faded, you continue to investigate a sound on your own hushed, ambitious terms.

Within And Without is out now via Sub Pop.

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