Puente Celebrates One Year of Non-Compliance With Music, Spoken Word, and Art

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As profiled over at our sister (er, brother blog?) Feathered Bastard, Arizona-based human rights group Puente is planning a celebration tonight at El Portal, the Mexican restaurant located Grant Street and First Avenue owned by Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox.

The event celebrates one year of non-compliance in regards to SB 1070, the immigration law that has divided our state and caused a whole bunch of bands to stop playing here.

"July 29th 2011 marks the one year anniversary of the implementation of SB1070 and the communities resistance in not complying," states the group's official Facebook event. "We will be having a night of cultural resistance and dialogue of the years past efforts to defeat 1070 and stop it from spreading across the nation."

The event promises spoken word and an art walk, and will feature music from Phoenix cumbia bands 100% Liebre and Grupo Cumbia.

The activist pachanga kicks off at 7 p.m., and is open for donations benefiting the Legal Defense Fund.

Location Info

EL Portal Super Carniceria

1533 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, AZ

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