Iceage at Yellow Canary Dance Hall, 7/19/2011

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Victor Gonzales
Iceage frontman Elias Rønnenfelt
Iceage, Weird Ladies, and Nihilism
Yellow Canary Dance Hall
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hipsters and their irony -- goddamn, it's cute. The place is called Yellow Canary Dance Hall, however, there weren't any birds, and only a handful of people dancing at last night's Iceage show.

The Danish foursome has generated mad indie buzz in recent months for their brash brand of hardcore post-punk. Pitchfork gave their debut LP, New Brigade, an incredibly generous 8.4, calling the album "refreshing and extraordinary."

Needless to say, we nearly jizzed our skinny jeans when we heard the group was stopping in Phoenix. Unfortunately, last night's set was anything but refreshing. In fact, it was disappointing.

Before I get Danish with it, let me say mad props to the dudes in Weird Ladies. They were the first of two opening acts last night, and absolutely rocked the shit out Yellow Canary without making a mockery of rock-and-fucking-roll.

They covered Wire's "Three Girl Rhumba," something I never thought I'd have the opportunity to write in a blog. Kudos, fellas.

After Weird Ladies' set, Nihilism took about 40-minutes to set up their gear which consisted of way too many pedals, nobs, and wires. Technical trouble plagued them from the minute they started setting up.

At 10 p.m., they finally managed to get things in line and started making noise. Nihilism's garage metal electro womp womp hybrid is a tough pill to swallow. Thankfully, they blew a fuse -- two, actually -- and cut their set short.

They have a bagpiper in the band, and he played "Amazing Grace."

Music critic tip: when I blow a fuse, I like to find out what caused the shortage, and unplug that electronic roadblock from the wall socket in an effort to avoid getting caught in the dark in the future. I suggest bands do the same with unnecessary effect pedals.

Victor Gonzalez
Iceage's Elias Rønnenfelt
Forty-five minutes after Nihilism cleared their equipment, the four Danish teens Pitchfork sucked off in late June plugged in and did the complete opposite of what "refreshing and extraordinary" is supposed to sound like. Iceage made my ears bleed.

They were pitchy, dog, like Randy Jackson says. And by pitchy I mean inaudible. Just like on the album P-fork rated so highly, you can't make out what lead singer Elias Rønnenfelt's saying, and the dude's singing in English. Unlike P-fork's reviewer says, however, there is nothing "impressionistic" about it.

Their set lasted 15-minutes, and the only impression I got was that I'd been robbed $8 by a group of Danish hoodlums.

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: Hipsters in jorts, TOMS and tank tops.

Overheard: Captain Obvious yelled, "I think they blew a fuse."

Random Notebook Dump: Spilled freeze-pop juice on my Chucks #ClumsyAlt

Set List: Good luck (see photo)


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This article is spot on , this canary place was weird and every band blew it especially that noisy crap band. (three guitarists who sucked)


i think there was only one person wearing a tank top, plus what does the clothes people wear have to do with the show?

it's like going to a metal show and commenting on how much everyone is wearing black. 

also, there was only one fused "blown" aka the breaker just had to be flipped. shit happens and they sucked it up and finished their set.


so the first guy just regurgitated what was posted on the internet to announce the show and now we have the "local insider" to close it out with a review detailed through his "experienced show-going perspective"....awesome....I feel a little bummed to say this but new times has become almost counter productive at this point haha. This is probably the guy who complained about the band going at 10.30.....please god, if that's the case then this all makes sense.....I would like to rant and complain but there's no point anymore....people who don't know what their talking about are gonna write about it. whatever fuck it....From this point forward I will only pick up a new times to look up new places to eat and see what movies are out..


Ugh, what a terribly written review. Paying attention to Pitchfork, mentioning skinny jeans and irony... what is this - 2002? Keep your "mad props" and cringe-inducing "music critic tips" to yourself.

Too Jort
Too Jort

Vick-ay! Glad you could make it dog, but we're gonna need that popsicle juice back. 


 "Pitchfork gave their debut LP, New Brigade, an incredibly generous 8.4" ... "Needless to say, we nearly jizzed our skinny jeans"Who's talking about hipsters?

Moodes Boone
Moodes Boone

Aww, someone at the New Times feels short changed! Now you know how the majority of your readership feels! 


Cizmar? Is that you? Oh, no, just some other shitheel wearing "chucks".

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