DMX's Planned Release from Prison Today Stalled by Multiple Disciplinary Infractions

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Embattled rapper Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, was supposed to be released from Arizona State Prison (where he's been incarcerated on charges of probation violation since last December) today.

But that's not going to happen. As we detailed in our exclusive feature story  last year, Simmons has long struggled with the legal system, drug addiction, and bi-polar disorder. Over the course of our reporting for that feature story, Simmons repeatedly expressed that he wanted to change. Unfortunately, his disciplinary record in prison reflects the same, delinquent DMX the public's always known.

Prison records show that since January, Simmons has incurred seven disciplinary infractions, including three "major" infractions for possessing drugs, being disruptive, and refusing or failing a drug test. 

Simmons' other offenses included "unauthorized smoking" (twice) and being disrespectful to staff. None of this comes as any surprise, unfortunately, as Simmons has openly admitted "I don't take orders well."

It looks like Simmons will be stuck in the clink for a while longer. While no official release date is listed with the AZ DOC, Simmons' full sentence ends on August 25.

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