Dear and the Headlights Officially Break Up

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Dear and the Headlights, a band we once deemed "the most important band in Arizona," officially announced its breakup yesterday, via the band's MySpace and Facebook.

"As I'm sure many of you have possibly assumed at this point since there has been absolutely no update as to what we are doing, Dear and the Headlights is no longer a band. We broke up some time ago. I can't speak for everyone in the band, but we have decided to do other things with our lives," writes guitarist PJ Waxman.

Music fans in Arizona have long suspected such was the case, but for many of Dear and the Headlights fans around the country, this is unexpected news.

"The news for me is DeATH," writes one fan on the band's Facebook wall.

"We are done. We are on to different activities now. Beautiful new experiences that we can write about. An overflow of life experience that is worth creating art for. Families, school, triathlons, different musical projects, solo projects, new work, new friends. A new life," Waxman concludes.

The band leaves behind a full body of work. The group issued a debut LP, Small Steps, Heavy Hooves in 2007, and its follow up, Drunk Like Bible Times, in 2008. The band toured extensively, racking up road dates with Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack, Steel Train, Mae, Paramore, Miniature Tigers, and more. The band played Lollapalooza in 2007, and Coachella in 2009.

Former DATH member Joel Marquard currently plays in Gospel Claws, while former bassist Chuckie Duff runs Common Wall Media and works with Flying Blanket Recording. The You Heard Us Back When compilation issued by Zia Records earlier this year featured a solo song by Waxman.

Best of luck to the individual members of the band. Here's hoping we hear more from each of them in the future.

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Shane Kennedy
Shane Kennedy

I certainly enjoy the Gospel Claws a whole bunch.

Andrea Arnold
Andrea Arnold

Such a bummer. I'll never forget when I saw them play an acoustic set at Modified.

Michael Escoto
Michael Escoto

That's a bummer.  These guys were really good. 

Stephen Chilton
Stephen Chilton

I was really bummed when I heard this news for the first time. They were a great band. 

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