Crescent Ballroom - Whatchu Know 'Bout It? No, Seriously.

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It doesn't look like much yet, but we'll see what future holds.
And today on Mystery Venue Theatre, Crescent Ballroom -- a mystical name that almost rivals the mystery surrounding the new downtown Phoenix venue. 

Formerly home to Bentley's Nightclub, whose former website now leads to the sultry, kind of NSFW, specific details about the venue at 308 N. 2nd Avenue, which will be keeping fresh downtown venue Foundry on First company,  remain unknown. 

What we know for sure is that show listings from Stateside Presents,  Songkick and band websites place The Album Leaf, CSS with MEN, St. Vincent, Liam Finn, M83, Gang Gang Dance and We Were Promised Jetpacks at the site come October. 

Based on the scope of bands being booked at the venue, (and what we saw when we peaked in the window), expect a Rhythm Room-sized venue that hosts mid-level rock and indie names.

Then again, the space doesn't even look close to being finished, so we won't really know until Gang Gang Dance plays the inaugural show on October 5. Or until someone decides to leak a little information about the place. Nudge, nudge. Hint, hint.

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Patrick Brennan
Patrick Brennan

Charlie Levy from Stateside just started the FB page for this new venue today. May be a good place to look for news as it develops.

Jason P. Woodbury
Jason P. Woodbury

Confusing, yes, but the spot we talk about is definitely the right place.

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