Adult Swim, Rockstar Mayhem Festival, Reverend Horton Heat, and America Over the Weekend

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Adult Swim Pool Party at Millennium Resort
Adult Swim, formerly the hippest of weekly hipster pool parties, returned for just one day on Sunday. Promoters Jared Alan and Jen Deveroux brought Adult Swim to the Millennium Resort this summer instead of to the Downtown Phoenix pools of the past. The pool wasn't the only difference though. The overall scene was a little less "scene" and a little bit more Scottsdale...see photos.

Rockstar Mayhem Festival at Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion
"You guys are fucking amazing, Phoenix!" This was the first thing I heard as I approached the Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival. The compliment, enthusiastically hollered from the stage by Machine Head singer Robb Flynn, wasn't just the usual pander-to-the-audience stage tack. There were a shit ton of hardcore metalheads at this show sweating and moshing out in the sun for more than nine hours -- they earned it. And they deserved the hard, fast, loud, and looong show they got, too...full story

See: Megadeth, Disturbed, and Godsmack in photos.

Reverend Horton Heat at Marquee Theatre
Reverend Horton Heat's style samples just about every suffix of -billy imaginable, favoring rockabilly and psychobilly, with recent material being a bit more on the hillbilly side of things. The Rev has his share of vices explored through songs like "It's Martini Time," "Bales of Cocaine," and "Marijuana." The traveling reverend has finally arrived, rest assured it's nothing like the religious revival of your grandma's era. Last night's set was just as rowdy and raunchy as the rest of them...full story

See: Reverend Horton Heat in photos.

America at Wild Horse Pass Casino
Sure, the venues that America is likely to play these days have gotten smaller, but it doesn't mean that the band isn't still capable of putting on a good show. The crowd of folks who came to watch them perform at the Wild Horse Pass Casino on Friday night can attest to this fact, as the band delivered not only the hits, but also a couple unexpected covers...full story

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