The Tremulants' Next Show: Drink Beer and Get Gas

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Chris Reddoch
Local indie rock band Tremulants is kicking off their coastal tour in Phoenix next Friday, June 17. The band plans to bring their dreamy, psychedelic songs to several cities this summer, but first, they need gas for front man Marco Holt's van.

It might seem illogical for them to play a free tour kickoff show to raise gas money, if it weren't for the generosity of Rip's Ales and Cocktails (3045 N. 16th Street), where the show's taking place. The bar's donating proceeds from booze sales at the show toward gas money, so as Holt says, "Drink up for a worthy cause!"

You can read more about Tremulants in the June 16 issue of Phoenix New Times. In the meantime, check out the video for "Shoulder to the Moon" (from the Black Cactus Records Showcase last year at Hard Rock Cafe).

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S Hawkings
S Hawkings

Band in photo and band in video look completely different??


Hah. you should check the Black Cactus Records website.. Different again. But much more powerful.

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