The Cosmeticators: "Apple"

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Chuck Harding
The Cosmeticators

Phoenix-based garage rock trio The Cosmeticators draw from their real-life experiences to create short, snappy punk songs. The three ladies who comprise the band -- vocalist and bassist Chela, guitarist and vocalist Dee Moreno, and drummer Amy Young -- say they mostly write "hate songs," with an occasional love song thrown in.

The song "Apple" is one such love song. You can read more about Cosmeticators in our June 30 music feature, but for now, check out the song and the band's explanation of it after the jump.

Cosmeticators AppleMp3 by Niki D'Andrea

"Apple" is an ode to a delicious drink from Sonic that Chela says the band members became addicted to. They used to practice in Chandler, and would make several stops a day at Sonic to get their beverage fix. This version was recorded at Dead Records and mixed by Michael Durham.

Chela on "Apple": ""It's about an apple slush from Sonic. Sonic has this 100 percent apple juice slushie that's just like apple juice that's slushified. And I was like, 'This is a song right here. These are so great. I wanna get picked up by Sonic as their like, house band.'"

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D to the G
D to the G

Yeah I know all about those apple slushies because Amy and Chela were the pushers that led me down a dark road of slushie addiction, supplying my fix on a almost daily basis. Damn, I got sick as dog when I got up to downing four 32 ouncers a day and kicking this habit was no walk in the park. A daily regimin of pepto bismol and bromo selzters got me through the sugar withdrawals. I now can proudly state that I have over a year clean from apple slushies. Which means the Apple song is no longer dedicated to me at their live shows. Rock on my rock-n-roll girlfriends!

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