Spider-Man Star James Franco to Release an EP

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​James Franco, actor and star of films like 127 Hours, the Spider-Man series, and Pineapple Express, has decided to try his hand in the music business
, according to Consequence of Sound.

James Franco and Kalup Linzy have become the new musical duo that they've appropriately named Kalup and Franco. Their three-track EP, Turn It Up, will be released July 12. They've got plans to shoot music videos that will feature multiple "surprise guest cameos" for all three tracks.

You're probably thinking, "Oh jeez. Just what the world needs: another actor-turned-terrible-singer. Scarlett Johansson sucked when she tried that, and Hilary Duff did, too." If those thoughts have crossed your mind, you're not alone.

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

He is also on general hospital the soap on ABC TV at 2pm..  he plays an evil killer guy named Franco.

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