Pontiak Makes an Album About Driving from Phoenix to Texas

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What does a drive from Phoenix to the Big Bend area of Texas sound like? Well, according to psych-rock band Pontiak (who are from some place called Holtzclaw, Virginia), a road trip through the landscapes of the southwest sound like a stripped-down, four-part country-blues jam.

Pontiak's upcoming EP, Comecrudos (scheduled for release June 21 on Thrill Jockey) consists of four continuous tracks, which tell stories of the band camping in an old volcano crater, hiking next to the Rio Grande, and wandering along Route 385 southbound from Marathon, Texas.

Though the album won't be out for three weeks, you can check out "Part III" from Comecrudos now.

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Pill Popin Hellbilly
Pill Popin Hellbilly

They should write one about me riding my Motorcycle in 1972 from New York to Tucson AZ. then back over to Atlanta Georgia then out to Denver Colorado then to Santa Rosa California to see the Grateful Dead in Oakland. then I got laid by a sweet lil Frisco hippie chick in a paisley dress who smelled of patchouli oil. can ya dig it? I also had a friend who went across the usa from maine to san diego calif in a horse and buggy. a story was written on it in the old national geografic magazine in 1971. this is all back when men were still MEN and not the soft out of shape yuppie office pussies they are today.


Cool story bro!

Pill Popin Hellbilly
Pill Popin Hellbilly

 Thanks de, There is very few of us left my friend from the days that used to be.

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