KWSS 106.7 Morning Infidelity Crew Wins Cash From...X103.9?

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The TMI Crew with cash-money -- er -- an oversized check, in hand.
When Martin Cizmar did a recent New Times cover story about KWSS 106.7's The Morning Infidelity morning show, he detailed the fact that the three lovable goofballs who run the thing, Brad "Beef Vegan" Pfirrman, Lisa "Shorty" Short, and "Big Buddah," don't get paid a normal salary from the station. The three are able to make some scratch on commission from selling advertising, but for the most part, their morning routine of jokes and local music is a labor of love.

But, y'know, money is nice, too, and when TMI heard about X103.9's High Low Cash Flow giveaway, they jumped at the chance to score a little mullah from their esteemed competition. It was a crazy stunt, one they discussed on-air, no less, but somehow it actually worked. Yesterday afternoon, the trio cruised into X103.9's swank digs in Phoenix to pick up a check for $924.

"Obviously, I'm excited," said Buddah, holding an oversized check -- the real one stashed in his pocket. "This is probably one of the funniest things we've done.

X103.9 morning show host Hammer, joked that the amount "ain't shit" as he handed over the check, seemingly unaware that he was putting cash into the hands of his morning show rivals.

X103.9's Hammer and TMI

X103.9 even had Buddah do a few liners, recording that he was going to spend the money on his mom for use as on-air clips.

We were able to contact Marc Young, the program director at X103.9, who had nothing but nice things to say about the cash hand-off.

"I'm glad a true fan of the radio station won! Beef, Shorty and Buddah are young hungry talents and it's a compliment they listen to X103.9. I just hope he [Buddah] shares the money with his team!"

Buddah, Beef, and Shorty will indeed be splitting the cash. Let's just hope Buddah wasn't joking about getting something for his mom. I'm sure she would appreciate it.

I call into The Morning Infidelity each Thursday morning to discuss local music and talk about the New Times music section and Up on the Sun, so I am happy to see karma work out for a station playing local music, and it's awesome to see X103.9 not only have a sense of humor about the whole thing, but to be so supportive of an indie station. The High Low Cash Flow giveaway is still underway. You can win by listening, and checking the stats of the contest on X103.9's Facebook page.

Real people win -- so see if you can win even more than Buddah, Beef, and Shorty. Request some local music while you are at it, perhaps of from one the band's featured on X103.9's Local Frequency program.

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Jonathon Mcdonald
Jonathon Mcdonald

One of the funniest things I have heard on the radio in a while. The show is always great and the tunes they play are what you decide rather than some program director who has a hard on for Nickelback and Creed every other week. Hey Janis220, maybe you should come by my place and partake in some 420 so you can relax and see why this was meant to be a nothing more than a prank.


Hopefully it goes to something good! Help out the victims of the Wallow fire, that would make it all worth it, and maybe a cash contest for their own listeners.


Looks bad on KWSS... goes to show how bored they are with their own stuff. It's kind of common sense that radio industry professionals don't participate in radio station contests, their own, or any in the market. Wow. Yeah, not really worth the $1,000. That would never fly anywhere else; probably doesn't matter for an LPFM, ahaha.


Lame. If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around, does it make a sound?


If you knew more about TMI and our station then you would know that we are far from bored and never lack entertaining content. We just saw this as an opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of the big dogs and help fund our humble little show. We did it because we could and it has never been done before. I'm glad you mentioned the Wallow Fire though, because all 3 of us DID donate a portion of the proceeds by texting the word "Red Cross" to 9-0-9-9-9. Like it or not, get use to hearing about us because we're not going anywhere. Rock Local


What does your boss have to say? Oh, there's no better than X1039!

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