Kanye West Releases Final Version of "Monster" Video

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Well howdy there, partner
​You may recall that just over five months ago, a leaked version of the video for Kanye West's song "Monster" hit the Internet. Featured in it was the presumed violence towards undead women, two equally-annoying versions of Nicki Minaj and a whole lot of mean-mugging by West himself.

Yesterday, West finally released the finished version of "Monster," which you can watch after the jump:

Stressed as solely an "art piece" that "should no way be interpreted as misogynistic or negative towards any groups of people," the finished version of "Monster" isn't that different from the version that we first saw last New Year's Eve. Those "groups of people" mentioned in the disclaimer have to be vampires and the undead, right? What? It's referencing women? Perhaps the disclaimer's inclusion is thanks to the initial uproar that surrounded the video when it first leaked, compliments of change.org.

Whatever the case may be, West still holds the severed head of a presumed undead, rather attractive female extra. That's probably what pissed off change.org in the first place -- not to mention the scene with West in bed with two women, manipulating their arms to make it look all the more sapphic. 

If there were to be any complaints about the video, which I must say is rather entertaining, I would have assumed they would be with the two versions of Nicki Minaj. I thought two different versions of Jean Claude Van Damme was pretty bad in 1991's forgettable Double Impact, but I think double Nicki Minaj in the "Monster" music video just barely edges that particular movie out for the worst use of a double personage. 

As West himself would say, "Yo Nicki, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Jean Claude Van Damme was the best video double of himself of all time."

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