Flier of the Week: Vespertine Circus

flier of the week_vespertine circus_sized.jpg
I love colorful rock 'n' roll concert posters that double as works of art (as seen in books like Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion), especially when the look of the poster fits the music or personality of the performer.

This week's Flier of the Week is for Vespertine Circus, a 6-piece performing arts troupe making a stop at the Trunk Space on Tuesday, July 5. The troupe combines storytelling, makeup, magic, clowns, acrobats, puppets, and dance, so it's only fitting their show flier looks like a circus ad, with bold red and white big top lines and a couple performers (colored green) flying through the air.

We're not sure how all that action's going to fit in the Trunk Space, but it sure looks like  freaky fun.

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JRC--The Trunk Space
JRC--The Trunk Space

Hey! thanks for the notice! The flyer was designed by our 'zine editor, Diana Welsch.It's based on some older Circus posters from the early part of last century.

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