Bjork Details Upcoming iPad Album

​Bjork has finally started dishing out the details of her upcoming iPad-inspired album, Biophiliaaccording to Paste.

The Icelandic singer made her initial announcement about the album back in March but didn't say much about it at the time. Now she has revealed that the album was partially made on an iPad.

The album will consist of at least 10 coordinated apps. A few videos, some of which were directed by Michel Gondry, will be included, as well.

"The app is an expression of the music, the story, and the idea," said Scott Snibbe, an interactive artist who has been working on making Biophilia come to life.

A release date for the album still has yet to be announced.

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nope and nope.  Making a Gimmick album is a great way to separate oneself from the noise, but don't believe it's going to carry you forever.  Things to take to consideration is how people enjoy music.  Not everyone has an iPad (personally I don't wish to have one because of my views against Apple, but that's a whole other story...), and due to that, an exclusive app or album is a great concept but people like myself would rather have a physical CD, MP3s, or something else to show our support.

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