"The Lopsided World of L" Radio Show Returns to the Valley, Via Local Internet Radio Station Sofakingradio.com

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Jonathan L
In April of last year, longtime Valley radio show host Jonathan L left the Phoenix airwaves and moved to Berlin, Germany. L was a popular DJ here, and hosted shows or did programming at radio stations all around Arizona for 30 years, including a long stint at alternative station KUKQ and rock station 98 KUPD, where his show "The Lopsided World of L" aired twice a week.

Jonathan L treated listeners to everything from local goth rock band Reliquary to local indie rock artist Adam Panic to acoustic on-air sets by Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde) and phone calls from Ronnie Spector. It was a bummer when he left, but the good news is, "The Lopsided World of L" is back in the Valley, streaming on Scottsdale-based Internet radio station sofakingradio.com.

The site is run by a guy named Dan G, and includes programming like an "influences show" hosted by Sleapin Weither that Dan G says "shows how music really hasn't changed over the last 30 years." At the same time, there's also a "worldwide debuts" show for bands (signed and unsigned) to showcase their newest tunes, and a "Top 25" that consists of "the best of the best that's new that's you're going to be hearing around soon," according to Dan G. There's also a show focused on local music with Valley bands as guests (Wednesday nights).

Dan G.'s been in Phoenix since 1981 and remembers when Jonathan L used to emcee shows at local venues that closed 25 years ago. "He was such a huge part of introducing me to the bands I listen to," says Dan G., who's had the sofakingradio.com site since 2004. "When I started focusing on the station full-time last year, I e-mailed him and asked if he'd be interested in having his show on my station, and he e-mailed back and said yes. It was that easy. I was almost jumping for joy when I got the e-mail."

"The Lopside World of L" is pretty much syndicated now via the Internet. Before sofakingradio started streaming the show, it was already on Germany-based kingfm.net and L.A.-based indie1031.com. Now you can hear it on soakingradio.com, Thursdays through Sundays at 10 p.m. MST. 

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Yahoo! Serious
Yahoo! Serious

Awesome man! I always like the dusty old subject matter that Jonathan brought to Valley airways for soo long. Glad to hear we are gonna still have the tons of obscure and trivial info that Johnathan spouts with natural admiration. To me as a late 30 something Valley native who is proud of growing up as a part of the Alternative (read freak to conventionalists) mod, punk, skater desert rat scene the tidbits of info that Jonathan relays by airwaves spark my intellect and reach directly into a memory bank full of long since passed days and soild memorys of growing up 'alternative' (to the norm). I will be sure to tune in!


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