Pickmaster Plectrum Punch: Turn Your Financial Woes Into Sweet Guitar Picks

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Q: What's the difference between a cheese pizza and a guitarist?

A: A cheese pizza can feed a family of four.

Jokes aside, everyone knows musicians are notoriously broke, at least those who aren't raking in enough to have awesome tour riders.

Chances are, if you are getting paid at gigs, it ain't very much, most likely only covering rent and cheese pizzas. From Little Caesars.

But how are you going to purchase the kind of sweet guitar gear needed to sufficiently rock those Offspring covers? You turn to credit cards. And once those are maxed out, how on earth are you going to afford picks to strum those six (or however many) strings?

Well, the website Inhabitat has you covered. The nifty sustainability site recently featured the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch, which converts, you guessed it -- credit cards -- into sweet ass guitar picks. The device will only cost you $39 bones, which should be your take after a night rocking the Rogue, or, roughly 7 or 8 Hot-N-Ready pizzas.

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Nothing beats being resourceful even to professional guitar players. This tool can be a useful one when going on tour or even on local gigs. Surely, even with humble guitar picks, it can help greatly in the performance.

Fallopia Tuba
Fallopia Tuba

I'm totally bummed that this thing isn't available for purchase outside of the U.K.—and it's chronically on backorder there. Fortunately my friend's birthday isn't until January.

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