Teenage Raver Dies at Electronic Music Event Over The Weekend; Phoenix Police Investigating

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High school student Melyssa Gastellum, who died following a rave event on Saturday night.
Officials and investigators from the Phoenix Police Department are looking into the death of a teenage raver at an all-night dance party at the Madison Events Center this past weekend.  

Melyssa Gastellum, an 18-year-old high school student from the West Valley, died on Saturday night after collapsing outside of the downtown Phoenix venue during the Freek N Bass dance party. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but later passed away.

While no official cause of death has been released (pending an autopsy by the county medical examiner), there's been much speculation on the Internet and in the local media about why Gastellum collapsed. 

Over on a webpage promoting the event on EDM website Don't Stay In (which has been removed as of this writing, although a cached version of the page still exists), friends of Gastellum state that the inhalation of nitrous oxide may have been involved or that she fell and hit her head.

The 18-and-over dance event was put on by EDM promoters Prostyle Promotions and Hades Entertainment and was one of three raves being put on around the Valley this past weekend. According to her Facebook page (which has been made private), Gastellum was an avid fan of raves and electronic music.


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@the truth: often times' meaning ONE time, ONE dj didn't come out as planned. ONE time nobody got a refund. parties get shut down early all the time. no more for Prostyle than anyone else. very few events have correct medical personnel on hand, and there are few production teams who have the right kind of security in the right amounts. i don't know why you came on here and simply bashed the production teams. really, people should be able to regulate their own night, their own consumption, and be safe so there is no NEED for medical personnel. it is not the production team's fault. it's the carelessness of youth today. this is horrible, an extreme tragedy. but the problem does not lie in the nightlife and these events, it lies in the education of our partygoers and their overall control and ability to keep themselves safe. shit, i'm absolutely shocked this wasn't a 14 year old girl. melyssa was bright, intelligent, and a beautiful person. i absolutely did not see this coming, not from someone like her.  


well, good to be able to confirm the police are all over DSI just like we all suspected.


I will never understand the need for people to abuse drugs...... 


Prostyle and Hades are two of the worst promoters in the state of Arizona. 9 times out of 10 Prostyle gets their parties shut down early, they often advertise "big name" dj's that never show up or play, and none of the partygoers ever get a refund.

Theemeoh, the little troll in charge of Hades, thinks that he runs the scene in Arizona when in all reality, people can't stand his cocky attitude and attempts to bully other promoters, I've even seen him threaten local dj's that he would "blacklist" them, as if he even had that ability. These so-called "promoters" are all trash, they don't give a sh*t about the people who make the mistake of attending their events, instead all they care about is their financial gain and their own egos. As sad as this is, it's no surprise that these scumbags would cut corners and not have sufficient security/medical personnel on hand in case of such an incident. 


You have a typo here: "While no official cause of death hasn't been released..." Shouldn't it say, "While no official cause of death has been released... 

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