Phoenix Black Metal Band Lustmord Appearing at Phoenix Fear Film Festival this Weekend

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Lustmord is set to mosh things up at Madcap Theaters this weekend.

Everybody always hears about Phoenix or Tempe bands moving to California, but occasionally, a Cali band moves here - especially if they can thrive around the Valley's always-strong metal scene.

That's exactly what Lustmord, a five-piece black metal band, did in 2008. The year before, they released a full-length album, the raging After Death (Death Star Records) and toured internationally. The band's been working on a follow-up in Phoenix, and most recently contributed a track, "Zombie Disease," to the indie horror film Feed.

"Zombie Disease" features some phlegm-tastic black metal vocals, backed by scratchy thrash guitars and machine gun-fast drum beats. It's pretty much in the same key as all Lustmord's songs - hard, fast, and loud. Even the band's cover of the creepiest Christmas song ever, "Carol of the Bells," is rendered wicked with a menacing, metallic march that explodes into a lurching melody layered with sickening, screeching vocals.

If that sounds like your cup of spiked tea, check out Lustmord on Saturday, May 21, when they appear at Phoenix Fear Film Festival to promote Feed. For more information on the Fest, visit To stream songs by Lustmord, check out their page at

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Anthony Lustmord
Anthony Lustmord

Well first I thank you for putting something about Lustmord on here! We are not a black metal band in the traditional sense, we use black metal elements in our music, we are at least in terms of what most people end up calling us an "old school death metal" group.  But I will gladly accept any comparision to Venom :)  And we will try out the Corpse Paint one of these days when the time calls for it

Mike Thrash
Mike Thrash

Looks more like a thrash band than a Black Metal band. Where's the corpse paint, tight clothing and black finger nail polish? 

Niki Dandrea
Niki Dandrea

I almost wrote a paragraph on that. They do have more of an '80s Venom look than a New Millennium Dimmu Borgir look. I think they should try the whole makeup thing, but that would sooo suck in Phoenix in the summer.

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