Of Montreal, Love Me Nots, Bret Michaels, King of Tranny, and My Friend Jason's Beach House Rave Over the Weekend

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My Friend Jason's Beach House at Madison Event Center
It was Friday the 13th this past weekend, which means it was the perfect time for the annual Jason Vorhees-themed dance party put on by local rave promoter Clix Bag of Trix. This year's edition had a bit of a beach party twist as hockey masks, hotties, and Hawaiian shirts were in abundances as flesh hook suspensions took place and DJs like Evol-1, Delta 9, and Judo Chop spun heavy mixes of electronic dance music...full story

The Love Me Nots' The Demon & the Devotee Release Show Last Night at Yucca Tap Room
It's been a wild year for The Love Me Nots. Not only did the band take time off for lead singer/organist Nicole Laurenne to beat breast cancer -- which she has, we're happy to report --but the band has reunited with original drummer Jay Lien, and recorded a new record, The Demon and the Devotee, with Detroit rocker Jim Diamond handling production...full story.

Bret Michaels Last Night at the Scottsdale Waterfront
There's an old adage out there that goes something like "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." In this particular instance, it is being applied towards former Poison lead singer Bret Michaels and his setlist. The last time Michaels was in town -- at the Arizona State Fair this past October -- Michaels trotted out almost the exact same setlist as he used last night, and you know what? Everyone in attendance could have probably cared less. Why is that, exactly? Because the setlist is amazingly tight -- an homage to a man who is coming up on his 25th year of entertaining people the world over with his main passion in life -- his music...full story

See: Bret Michaels in photos.

Of Montreal at Marquee Theatre
There's a certain outrageousness associated with of Montreal. Frontman Kevin Barnes performs in skirts and makeup in the middle of a vaudevillian spectacular that includes giant fish people, disappearing acts, and Barnes riding a live white horse...full story

See: Of Montreal in photos.

King of Tranny Skate Competition
Kids of all ages dropped into the bowl at Kids That Rip skate school on Saturday to compete in the King of Tranny contest sponsored by KTR and Cowtown Skateboards. With divisions in PeeWee, 3-10, 11-13, 14-16 and 17 and up, there were plenty of girls and boys showing off their skills. Boarders took a few spills, but the crowd was treated to displays of frontside grabs, airwalks and kickflips...see photos

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