Joe Bethancourt Benefit Scheduled for Fiddler's Dream this Weekend

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Karl Wolz
Acoustic roots folk veteran Joe Bethancourt
It's hard enough holding down regular gigs at country bars, blues clubs, and rock joints around Phoenix, as acoustic troubadour Joe Bethancourt has done since the '60s. But it's beyond tough when your house burns down and you lose everything, as Bethancourt's did on April 30. That's why several local musicians are throwing a benefit show for Bethancourt at Fiddler's Dream on May 14 -- and also because he's been playing great roots rock here for more than 40 years, and has done much to carry the torch for western folk music.

Raised in the Appalachians of North Carolina, Bethancourt brought an authentic Ozark country sound with him when he moved to our burgeoning desert metropolis in 1961. He variously played guitar, fiddle, and banjo with a diverse range of bands (including bluegrass to mariachi), crossing paths with the likes of Waylon Jennings. In the '70s, he hosted the radio show "Folk Music Occasional" on KDKB, and appeared as a regular in the '80s on popular local children's program The Wallace & Ladmo Show on KPHO.

He continues to play regular gigs at numerous folk and western music festivals around the state, and on stages at cozier places, including non-profit coffee shop Fiddler's Dream, where the benefit's being held by Queen Creek-based AMAZ radio, a non-profit folk and Americana Internet station.

Organizers are still asking for musicians and volunteers, but AMAZ radio says that "over 20 Arizona musicians" will be there to raise money.

The Joe Bethancourt benefit show is scheduled to take place 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at Fiddler's Dream, 1702 E. Glendale Avenue. A minimum $10 donation is suggested. Proceeds benefit Bethancourt and his wife, Cher (not that Cher), while they begin to rebuild their home. Call 602-997-9795 or visit for more information.

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Bob Zucker
Bob Zucker

The last few posts, in my opinion expose a way of thinking that is really hurting this country.  Based on this persons opinions, which he is entitled to, if a disaster struck Phoenix, he would first check with each person to learn their politics and beliefs before deciding if they would help certain victims.  That is hate in the truest sense; when you refuse to help your fellow man in need.  You may not agree with Joe's politics but that is not a reason not to help a fellow human being who has suffered a tradgety in their life.   


 BTW, it is not hateful to expose hateful speech.  Just that sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Someone show me how I imagined what I read.


 Am thinking of Michael Wiener Savage, David Horowitz, Jerry Rubin, Lefties who went rightie and tightie.  Bob had another guy up there not long ago, that made me wonder:  How?  Why?  So easy to Damitol, when you get old.  Sure sign of dementia.


 It was on Bob Boze Bell's FB page, if anyone wants to know.  I do not believe it myself, but it removed all sympathy and caring, which will continue until I hear different.  Ted Nugent is a great musician, but he has an evil heart, for now.


 He also promulgated some serious right-wing hate stuff recently.  In my shock and awe, as a long-time aficionado, I was not sure.  I did question it.  Someone tell me I was wrong.  Karma:  "If love is in your mind, love will be in your life.  If fear [hate] is in your mind, fear will be in your life."  --Marianne Williamson  Someone tell me I did not read what I read.

Bob Zucker
Bob Zucker

From AMAZ Radio: We have 23 musicians scheduled to perform during this event. No more room for more to officially play but all are welcome for the finale sing-a-long. of "Will the CIrcle Be Unbroken". Here's a list of who will be playing: Performers during the three hour event include:

Jim Pipkin

Larry Jolly

Gary Kaplowitz

Sage Gentle‐Wing

George O’Brien

Andy Hurlbutt

Hans Olson

Mary Godfrey

Annie Moscow

Tom Tuerff

Leslie Fish

Victor Johansen

Wally Bormann

Eric Laubach

Lon Austin

Virginia Anders

Patricia Silverberg

Rich Bailey & Rebecca Strange

Jenny Turner & Dave Anderson

Sherlin Gerhart

Gaylan Taylor & Bill Zorn

Jay Taylor

Anne James

Jim Pipkin
Jim Pipkin

Proud to be there, happy to help Joe and Cher any way we can. He's been my friend, mentor, trusted one-taker session man and sounding board for twenty years now. Really sucks when bad things happen to fine people.


The address here is wrong; it's 1702 E. Glendale Avenue.

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