Fox News Sparks Controversy Over Common's White House Invitation

​Being biased is just another part of doing jobs at Fox News. This time, they're suddenly changing their opinion of rapper Common now that he has received an invitation to a White House event
, according to Rolling Stone.

Fox News has labeled Common as a "vile rapper" without any support. The claim came suddenly when Michelle Obama invited him to a poetry event at the White House. However, a Fox News interview with Common from 2009 states that the rapper is anything but vile. "Your music is very're known as the conscious rapper," the reporter that interviewed Common said to him.

It's funny how Fox News conveniently changed their opinion all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere and for no particular reason. What's up with that?

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fuck fox news if you watch that program you're a fucking idiot


can anyone on the right explain why Bush Sr had "NWA" at a white house luncheon?

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