Bono and The Edge Spice Up 'American Idol' Finale With 'Spider-Man' Performance

U2 Bono The Edge.jpg
​Bono and The Edge of U2 will be performing with the cast of the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on American Idol's live season finale Wednesday night
, according to Billboard.

The Spider-Man Broadway musical, for which they composed the music, has been delayed numerous times due to numerous complications and a series of continuous changes to the director, the plot, the cast, the safety requirements, and the music.

Considering that U2 is known for their fabulous live performances and incredible tours, Bono and The Edge could help this American Idol finale be the biggest and best one yet.

Then again, Bono has recently admitted that he agrees with the New York Times' criticism of the musical, and that the play kind of sucks. If Bono, of all people, isn't confident with the work he's been producing, then maybe this live Idol performance won't be up to par like a lot of viewers and fans are expecting it to be.

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BJ Walsh
BJ Walsh

American Idol is a Classless Show led by Simon Fuller and band of second rate Producers


yes, thats why its in its 10th season and has so many viewers...

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