Battles: "Ice Cream" (Feat. Matias Aguayo) (NSFW)

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So your most celebrated and, arguably, talented member just left the band to focus on his solo work. For most bands with only one album to their credit, a departure like this would spell a most certain doom. However, New York experimental rockers Battles aren't most bands.

The band's most prolific and recognizable member, Tyondai Braxton, left the band in September, announcing he needed to devote most of his time towards his solo efforts. The announcement came as a shock to some, especially with Battles' sophomore album, Gloss Drop, in production mode. 

Well, those worried about Battles need not -- Gloss Drop is primed to be one of 2011's best albums, bolstered by its strong lead single "Ice Cream," featuring vocals from techno producer/singer Matias Aguayo. The band released a cheeky, quick-cutting video for the song today, which can be seen after the jump (slightly NSFW):

The video was produced by Canada, the same group responsible for El Guincho's memorable "Bombay" (NSFW) video from last year. "Ice Cream" is a perfect early indicator for a band like Battles' -- a band whose sound is rather difficult to truly pin down. I just have to sit back and agree with Eric Wareheim -- of Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job! and Tom Goes to the Mayor fame:

Gloss Drop is out 6/7 via Warp. Tracklist is as follows:

01 Africastle
02 Ice Cream (ft. Matias Aguayo)
03 Futura
04 Inchworm
05 Wall Street
06 My Machines (ft. Gary Numan)
07 Dominican Fade
08 Sweetie & Shag (ft. Kazu Makino)
09 Toddler
10 Rolls Bayce
11 White Electric
12 Sundome (ft. Yamantaka Eye)

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