Basshunter Reportedly Sexually Assaulted Two Teenage Girls at Nightclub

​Swedish DJ Basshunter is being accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls during a gig at Kitty's nightclub in Kirkcaldy
, Scotland, according to NME.

When two female 18- and 19-year-old cousins went to the VIP area to have their picture taken with Basshunter, they got a lot more than they bargained for. First he pulled their hair and their heads down to his crotch, and then he made the younger of the two girls bend over so he could pull up her dress, tug on her underwear and slap her behind.

The DJ was reportedly "drunk and hyperactive" that evening, according to the younger girl. She claimed she witnessed other instances of Basshunter's degrading, misogynistic behavior in the club that evening.

Basshunter has denied the two charges of sexual assault. His trial is scheduled to resume on June 14.

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in that picture he is pointing down towards his Swedish cock with his right hand and finger. see it? this means SUCK IT in Sweden.


he looks queer to me and now he might  possibly be a kiddy diddler-chomo to.

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