The Roots Featured in Project Next Movement: A Collaboration Between Sol Exposure and Dumperfoo Sponsored by OKAYPLAYER

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Music photography can often be a static thing. You've no doubt seen the promo shots: bands scowling, arms crossed in front of a brick wall, that one guy staring away from the camera in a real meaningful way.

But occasionally something happens in the middle between the visual and the audible that's really cool. The Project Next Movement is one of those things, a collaboration between Sol Exposure, photographer for the "Legendary Roots Crew," Phoenix-based visual artist Dumperfoo and sponsored by OKAYPLAYER, The Roots' online HQ.

The project will launch via several events. A preview of the art will take place April 21 at the Yucca Tap Room as part of that evenings Blunt Club festivities, which features Valley Deejays Pickster One & DJElement, with the spinsters rocking their usual assortment of hip-hop, EDM and dubstep.

Samples of the show will be on display, in which Dumperfoo has painted over Sol Exposure's photos of the roots, which spans the photographers years of shooting The Roots. 

From there the project moves to 5 and 6 Gallery in Scottsdale, with a soft opening scheduled for Cinco de Mayo and an official opening date on May 6. The official opening will feature DJs Darrell D and Skip Skoolnik spinning Roots tunes all evening.

Sol Exposure has been documenting the work on a Facebook page she created for the project.

Here's The Roots putting it down with the tune the project is named after. It's simply impossible to get as cool as ?uestlove in this video.

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