Did Odd Future Just Get Signed? They're Tweeting About SOMETHING Big (UPDATE: Pitchfork Says They Did)

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Something "life changing" occurred yesterday for the Los Angeles-based rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. What? No one knows yet, but "some shit went down," they "really won" and  "dreams really come true," according to various tweets from members of group.

Update: Pitchfork now says they signed a distribution deal with RED/Sony to start their own label. There's a statement from a publicist, too.

"Odd Future Was Just Another One Of My Random Ideas When I Was 15. Now Look," Tyler The Creator tweeted last night. At the time of this posting, Tyler was the only member known to have a record deal. XL Recordings signed him to a one album deal a few months back, under which he will release Goblin on May 10.

In a February interview, Domo Genesis told me that the group had been talking with multiple labels but were waiting for the day when the right deal would come along. Could yesterday have been that day? Maybe. If you examine their tweets, it's also possible that they struck a deal with MySpace. Or Blackberry could have pulled another Diplo and cut the crew a big 'ole check to endorse their waning smart phone. Either way it's clear that these kids got paid yesterday. And it's worth noting that the last time I had a hunch about Odd Future -- the reason Earl Sweatshirt had gone missing -- I was I was right. Check out their celebratory tweets after the jump.

At Soundwave in Tempe earlier this month, Diplo introduced himself as "the guy from the Blackberry commercial." Could Odd Future own its add in a few weeks time, demanding random girls BBM them? Or are we over analyzing the fuck out of this?

Below, in chronological order, are the Odd Future tweets that show something went down.

Picture 1.png
Picture 2.png
OF 3.png
OF 4.png
OF 5.png
OF 6.png
OF 8.png
OF 9.png
OF 10.png
OF 11.png

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