Vagabond Ballroom Converting to Anderson's Fifth Estate

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Anderson's Fifth Estate is back.
Longstanding Valley club Anderson's Fifth Estate is set to return, says club owner Tom Anderson.

The club was known as Anderson's from 1982 to 2007, when it became Club Forbidden, then switched names to Vagabond Ballroom in November, 2010.

"We were trying to get rolling with Vagabond Ballroom, but people were still calling it Anderson's no matter what," says Anderson.

"So we figured, why spend the money to promote a new name when you can just go back to the one that everybody knows?"

In addition to reverting to the popular name, Anderson says they will be bringing back Fifth Estate standards like Cheap Ass Drink Night on Wednesdays, and will host Stand Up Scottsdale! on Fridays and Saturdays.

"When I originally started Anderson's, I did stand up comedy at the club from 1982 until 1988. In fact, it's where David Spade learned how to be funny," says Anderson, of the club's comedy history.

In addition, Anderson says he'd like to bring back the club's popular Area 51 goth night, and wants to play heavily to the club's '80s roots.

"Were not gonna play the mainstream hip-hop here. Things will be a little bit off center of what other Scottsdale clubs are doing. It's not going to be mainstream like other clubs, just the core of what made Andersons a success back in the day."

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AHHHHH!!! I can't believe I stumbled upon this article! I looooooooooooooooved Anderson's (Saturday nights in the small room, with DJ DAN)!! So many people, including me, went into 'mourning' when they closed.

I went to Anderson's many times over the years, but I LIVED there every Saturday night from mid-90's-til they closed. I have SOOO many memories there--meeting so many friends& my fiance'; celebrated many birthdays/friend's birthdays there; welcomed in several New Year's there....I could go on and on....

To me, it was ALL about the music-that's why I went...and Saturday nights, in the small room, with DJ DAN, was thee best music ever--mostly 80's alternative, a little industrial, a song or 2 of goth, etc. I had SO much unforgettable fun there, dancing on my usual podium/block, burning many calories, while completely losing myself in the music. I have always said, I felt most like my true self, when I would lose myself in, and dance to, the music I loved at Anderson's.

Altho I never go out anymore, I absolutely will make a trek out to Anderson's, when they open up again, come hell or high water. When Anderson's closed, I pretty much stopped going out.

TOM: PLEASE BRING DJ DAN BACK, to the small room, on Saturday nights!! I am reeeeeady toooo dance agaaaain!


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