Mercury Records Will No Longer Produce Physical Singles

Mercury Records logo.jpg
​Mercury Records is moving forward with technology and sticking to digital downloads. With a few grand exceptions, the label has decided it will be doing away with producing their singles on compact discs and vinyl due to a significant decline in sales
, according to Telegraph.

Now that the digital era has taken over, vinyl has become a niche market, which generally makes sales insignificant enough that they aren't generating a profit for Mercury anymore. Furthermore, handling excess stock causes Mercury Records some monetary loss in the market for music singles as well.

Physical singles only make up one percent of the overall market for physical singles nowadays.

Could it only be a matter of time before Mercury, or other record labels, stop producing CDs? Will downloads completely rule the market one day despite the convenience of compact discs? Either way, it's sad that Mercury has plans to can a great piece of history.

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