Long Wong's in Tempe Introduces Monthly Residencies

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Ladylike is playing the first month-long residency at the new Long Wong's.
Local rock outfit Kinch got a lot attention from their three January residencies in LA, San Diego and Scottsdale. Now the newish Long Wong's at the Firehouse in Tempe is running with the idea.

Technically, the promo is called by the more modest-sounding title, "Featured Band of the Month," but it's the same idea. One band headlines a month's worth of Fridays, starting two weeks ago with Loveblisters singer Rob Kroehler's new project Ladylike. There are a variety of bands playing with them, including Hooves and Prague on March 25.

In April, the essential New Long Wong's band, Future Loves Past, will play every Friday. March goes to Banana Gun. June isn't set in stone, but will probably be Japhy's Descent.

Oh, and there's more...

After a year, the bar's manager Jack Maverik is putting together a compilation featuring one song from each of the bands -- maybe something the bands already recorded, maybe something he records himself -- as a little retrospective.

"I think this is cool for a couple reasons. First, it's consistent. You know what you're getting every week and can make your choice on what to do. Second, it's a way to highlight our best bands. They get a little extra money, extra promotion, and it creates a gig that hopefully bands will WANT to play," he says.

I agree -- this is pretty cool.

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Really? If anyone remembers correctly, it's not a new concept. At the "original" Mill Ave Long Wong's, if a band was worthy, they would be given a permanent night for the month and would continue with that night to the next month or move nights (i.e. from Tuesday to Wednesday depending on how it was going.) If you were lucky enough to have "residency" then you were also given either one Friday or Saturday night as well that month. Weekends were made for different line ups and variety. It brings a different crowd into the club instead of the same people. The again, Wrong Wongs will never have that vibe. If if gives a band a place to play, I'm all about it. I just hope they know that playing too many nights a month can cause low turn outs and fan burn out. Why see them now when I can see them next week or at another venue in a few days?


Ryan and Ethan were in The Loveblisters too...damn Rob taking all the credit...in those fancy shoes!


Great idea. I hope it builds up and goes great! If EVERY Friday night ALWAYS has good music at the same place for 6 months- a year, it's gotta catch on. I know I will know what to do on a Fri if I am thinkin of going out. All those bands are awesome.

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