Grateful Dead Movie from 1977 Will Be in Theaters for One Night (4/20, Obvi)

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Flashbacks are free, but the popcorn's gonna cost ya.

The creatively-titled The Grateful Dead Movie, directed by Jerry Garcia, will be back in theaters for one night. That night is April 20 -- 4/20 -- which adds to the fun.

The film was shot in 1974 at one of the band's legendary five-night stands at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, after which The Dead went on a two-year hiatus.

The movie has trippy cartoons (get a taste below) as well as interviews with "Deadheads," a group which was at the time still in the process of establishing themselves as the die-hard rock fans by which all other die-hard rock fans are judged.

So far theaters in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale and Tucson are are on board -- it seems to be showing at Cinemark and AMC houses. To find a theater new you plug your zip code in here.

This movie features the band playing, songs like "U.S. Blues," "One More Saturday Night," "Casey Jones," "Playing in the Band" and "Sugar Magnolia." This version of the movie has some missing scenes, in the form of "never-before-seen interviews with both Garcia and Bob Weir that were captured during the filming of this historic production."

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