Flier of the Week: Fierce Creatures

Fierce Creatures flier.jpg
Ade Kassim
​Ahhday Presents is ringing in the spring season with a bright and sunny flier for the upcoming Fierce Creatures show at the very intimate Dressing Room in Downtown Phoenix.

"Fierce Creatures is a wonderful band from Fresno, California, and they've got a great ear for melody and good music," said Ade Kassim, who designed the flier.

Indie folk band Fierce Creatures will be joined by local talents Small Leaks Sink Ships and Kid Sampson.

"Small Leaks Sink Ships and Kid Sampson are two amazing local bands who've started making a name for themselves around the Valley. Their shows are full of energy, and it's just a total blast," Kassim said.

Ultimately, Ade wants everyone to show up with the intention of being rowdy, letting loose, singing loudly, getting sweaty, and generally causing shenanigans. It's on!

Check out this video of Fierce Creatures performing at Audie's Olympic in Fresno.

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The show has been moved to The Fixx in Temp!

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