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Would you like to see fewer (possible no) concerts played in the state of Arizona until SB 1070 has been repealed by a state legislature more interested in getting a gun into the hands of every man woman and child and making Obama hop through hoops to get his name on the 2012 ballot? The Sound Strike has been fighting that fight for damn near a year now.

Yes, the stupidest parts of SB 1070 were blocked by a court,  which is why the state legislature is coming up with more ways to enforce their crazy on the masses. But the boycott is far from off.

Today, The Sound Strike -- the original and official boycott of Arizona, if you're a band that's going to boycott Arizona you should go through them -- announces a "New improved Web page" featuring blogs and videos.

The old site was mostly black and white and pretty lo-fi. The new one brings in red, yellow and gray, has a picture of some adorable little girls we are to presume may be deported as a result of the ridiculous law and videos of artists explaining their decision.

Conor Oberst's video is here.

"I've played a lot of shows in Arizona and I have fans there and I hope they don't feel like they think we're attempting to punish them because that's not what it's about," he says.

There are also blogs and an "Arizona 101" history section which has one header that questions the legitimacy of the Gadsden purchase ("USA Steals Arizona from Mexico: After the 1848 United States war with Mexico the US stole the northern part of Arizona from Mexico and later 'bought' the remainder of current Arizona...") and offers this analysis of the events leading up to Arizona's statehood:

"Arizona fights to become a State to preserve Slavery: During the Civil war the South (Confederate) added what it called the "The Territory of Arizona" to fight to preserve slavery. After the Civil War Arizona attempted to become a state in 1891 but was rejected by Congress until Arizona could prove its willingness to suppress its ethnic cultural diversity. Finally in 1912 Arizona enter the union."

Also, the Japanese internment camps put here by the federal government are mentioned.

We'll try to have emails out to the boycotters -- including Kanye West, M.I.A., My Chemical Romance, Trent Reznor, Ben Harper, Gogol Bordello, Conor Oberst, and Sonic Youth -- asking their opinion on the Gadsden purchase by the end of the day.

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Sound Strike artists are cowards. Real revolutionaries stand the line and fight along side the people, not from thousands of miles away.


Bad analogy Tania. Read the piece and what do they think rosa park did? She got together with others AND LED A BOYCOTT AGAINST THE BUS SYSTEM IN MONTGOMERY. She did a boycott. For that band they are in AZ so it is hard for them. Others are talking and let them have their way of fighting. As for the dude hotchman he makes no sense. Politicians do listen to boycotts. They did in alabama and south africa. Sanctions are a big part of the UN also.


That Line would be right here in AZ. Musicians have the unique opportunity to stand in front of a captive audience and deliver a message. I know some members of Soundstrike have come out here and marched in picket lines but the bands should come here and play shows and try to change the mind of the people listening to them. Soundstrike is under the falls assumption that Arizona Politicians care about their "economic boycott." What will really change Arizona is not the money being spent or not being spent but rather the votes being cast. Soundstrike would have done more to help stop SB1070 and the horrible laws that our government is trying to pass by playing shows to educate its fans and getting out the vote in the last election. Arizona went from a state that was turning blue in the 2008 election back to a deeply red state in the last election because people didn't get out and vote. Politicians don't care about economic boycotts, they will just cut money from the arts and government programs they don't want like medicare. It hurts them when they are voted out of office and the Soundstrike bands could "fight along side the people" by playing shows here and trying to change the minds of their fans by using the bully pulpit they have available to them.


I agree with you that votes are what will bring about change in Arizona. ( I'm sure Mr.Oberst would agree also--he has had voter registration tables set up at his concerts...), But this situation required immediate action.

The boycott brings national attention to a racist piece of legislation that other states will, no doubt, attempt to copy.

This is an economic boycott. Money talks. The lack of $$ coming in to the cities and states is a loud message to the people in power.

I admire the artist who chose to speak out and take a moral stand against this hateful law.

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