Tempe's Super Stereo Getting Lots of Love on MTV.com

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Tempe electro-pop act Super Stereo is scoring tons of views over at MTV.com. As of today, their video for "Life Passed me By" is the highest rated on the site, as well as at the top of the "most commented" catergory and second on the "most shared."

The video has 12,000 views in three days and is above Pink, Ke$ha, Pitbull and Talib Kweli

Help these locals out by clicking through above or searching out their new album This is Futurepop on iTunes.

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Southern  Kinfolk
Southern Kinfolk

i remember when MTV played rock and roll videos 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


I likee T on the mikee. Best vid eva!


This band's video is cool, but I highly recommend their live show too! It's so much fun, especially when the bass player comes out and dances with the audience.

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