Sharon Osbourne Admits to Taking Lying Too Far

​The Osbournes may have taken their tricks and shenanigans a little too far. Sharon Osbourne admits to once faking the death of her husband Ozzy's mother so that he could get out of playing a tour in Japan, according to Spinner.

Ozzy was to drunk to board the plane that was going to take him to Japan for a tour, so Sharon took one for the team and lied to get concert promoters to pipe down.

"Everybody felt really bad. They excused him," Sharon said.

This incident occurred when Ozzy's drug and alcohol dependency used to be much worse than they are now. Then again, they were always pretty heavy, weren't they?

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Would not be the first or last time a Manager or Agent lied about a death or ilness to get out of a gig.


she should also admit to being Ozzys Mother to.


some one needs to beat the shit out of that old rich loud talking English cunt broad once and for all. a few missing teeth and a broken nose would be good for a start for her. any female boxers out there?


because he is pussy whipped.

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