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Basics. Lisa Savidge. 

Nah, I'm just messing with you. Phoenix shoegaze/post rock/post punk quintet Lisa Savidge marks a first for YAFI -- an album that comes out within a day of getting the YAFI treatment. There's been plenty of healthy hype surrounding Lisa Savidge -- five guys who play rock music and not some nice young country singer who goes by the name Lisa. Most of it is justified -- the album certainly has its moments. Like any YAFI venture, however, Lisa Savidge isn't without its shortcomings.

Best Songs: Album opener "Building Your Own HAM Radio (Pts. 1&2)" shows off the band's penchant for post punk music. It sounds like it could be a White Lies b-side. There are cascading guitars complimenting Dan Somers' slowly-building vocals. "New Song (Pts. 1&2)," however, is my favorite of the bunch. It is the band's most polished shoegaze effort, hitting on the Jesus & Mary Chain influence they so dearly note in their bio. I think the song -- at least the first minute -- sounds like the Failure song "Pitiful." Anything that sounds even a smidgeon like Failure is okay in my book because they are perhaps the greatest shoegaze band that most people have never even heard of, even though Steve Albini produced their debut album.

Worst Song: I know many a shoegaze band loves to play the downtempo, slower song. I understand that it's a part of the genre's rules, if you will. That doesn't mean said song has to be quiet -- just ask Kevin Shields or William Reid. Things can still be loud, if not in a slow-building, distortion-laden way. "Country Fear" -- while it may be downtempo, is neither loud nor crashing. I suppose the track falls on the post rock side of things, which is all well and good. Perhaps, then, the song would be better off later in the album and not as the third track, so as to keep the brilliant momentum accrued by the first two songs.

Suggestions: Just break up these "Pts. 1&2" as wholly separate tracks -- there's absolutely no reason not to. I know it makes for a pretty unique five-minute song, but "New Song" deserves to be separated into two tracks. It is kind of odd the way the song changes gear completely after the 1:18 mark. Either break them up or leave the "Pts." out of the song titles altogether.

Bonus Video: Check out the video for "Appalachacha (Pts. 1&2)" here.

Grade: B

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Hahaha, here I am thinking we had set "You Asked For It" history by not having actually "Asked For It." Though my memory can be a bit foggy at times, I feel like I would've remembered sending one in...That being said, a good, insightful review. I would say your critiques are fair, and I can understand where you're coming from, even when I don't necessarily agree.

Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez

Hey, ask Martin. He personally asked me to review your album - something he doesn't do - and it was sent to the New Times' offices, therefore I ended up with it.

You're a local Phoenix band who sent in their album to the New Times offices. What did you think was going to happen?


Oh, I'm not complaining :-). I was just making a joke about your earlier comment and the title... It's oh so hard to go for friendly banter on the internet - seems like a lot gets lost without the nonverbal cues that come along with person-to-person communication, you know?Like I said, it was a good review, anyhow. Probably the least positive we've gotten so far (although I doubt it'll stay that way - someone's bound to REALLY hate it at some point), but honest and intelligent, and I appreciate that. Not everything has to be heaping praise, and you've gotten me to consider a lot of things I hadn't really thought about before - ideas I hope to apply to the next release and maybe get an 'A' next time :-D.And, oh yeah, I'm "asking for it" there, hahaha.

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