DJ Death To The Throne Wins Grand Prize In Metric's "Twilight Galaxy" Remix Contest

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Don't worry, despite what this photo indicates, Jimmy Martin-Nelson (a.k.a. Death to the Throne) is still very much alive, and producing outstanding remixes aplenty.
Despite the fact he's one of the Valley's better DJs, you'll probably never hear the ultra-humble Jimmy Martin-Nelson (otherwise known as Death to the Throne) singing his own praises.

Instead, you should leave that task up to the scribes of Rolling Stone or the members of the blogosphere, who will gladly gush about his skills as a remix artist. (Hell, we even gave him a Best of Phoenix award a few years back.)

And the latest feather in Martin-Nelson's cap (which he probably won't be boasting about)? He nabbed the grand prize in a remix contest presented by Metric and social networking site Indaba Music.

Death to the Throne's electronica-laden reworking of the Canadian indie pop act's lo-fi song "Twilight Galaxy" proved to be the top remix in the contest, which was judged by member of Metric.

As a result, Martin-Nelson won $1,000 in cash, a prominent spot on popular MP3 site RCRD LBL, and shot at having the remix featured on one of Metric's future albums.

In true Death to the Throne fashion, he wasn't the one who announced his victory on Facebook, instead leaving it to his friends and the blogosphere to spread the word. One cat named The Music Ninja described Martin-Nelson's work thusly:

"What started off sounding like a chillwave remix of Twilight Galaxy built into something much dancier than expected. Heavy synth floods your eardums as soft female vocals carry this track up to the break, where a nice electro beat drops in."

Take a listen to DTTT's remix below and see if you agree.

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awesome not irritating to the ears .good listening ;pleasure for all ages..


congrats DTTT!

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