Calexico, Super Bowl XLV, The Twelves, Interpol, The Bird's Nest, Dual Duel, Daniel Bernard, and First Friday Over the Weekend

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Calexico at Corona Ranch
​Someone at Corona Ranch realized it was after 11 p.m. Someone knew the band had been playing for damn-near two-hours. Someone wanted to punch their time-card and go home, not caring to hear a truly stellar Southwesternized version of "Tomorrow Never Knows," which you'd have to imagine part-time Tucsonian Paul McCartney smiling at...full story

Interpol at Marquee Theatre
Interpol hasn't headlined a Phoenix show since 2004, a few months after Antics was released. In 2005 they visited our state twice, playing Edgefest, and Coconuts, a small Tucson bar that is now closed. Since then, Arizona has been skipped on every tour, including all of 2007's Our Love to Admire tour and the first leg of last year's self-titled tour...full story

See: Interpol in photos

The Twelves at 910 Live
Hailing from Rio de Janerio, The Twelves played a non-stop, high-intensity, two hour set full of remixed Daft Punk, Simian Mobile Disco, Phoenix, Black Kids, The Rapture, and many more. 9 other Djs, including San Diego's Gabe Vega graced 910 Live's two stages. The audience was full of electro fans and some of The Valley's top DJs...see photos

Daniel Bernard Roumain Last Night at ASU Gammage
Before the show, the Haitian-American violinist and composer described his creation as a combination of "what happens in a concert hall and what happens in a dance club." It was also equal parts stylish, dynamic, and emotional, and effusive, as well as ne of the more unique concerts I've ever witnessed...full story

See: Symphony for the Dance Floor at ASU Gammage in photos.

Partying at the Bird's Nest
If you can't remember whether you had a good time at the Waste Management Open or not, don't worry. That means you stumbled upon The Bird's Nest and you had a great time. Check out the drunken, golf-related shenanigans...see photos

Super Bowl XLV in Cave Creek, Arizona: the Good, the Bad, and the Trashy
The hamlet north of Phoenix is most famous for drawing outlaws like the rapper DMX and Hell's Angel's founder Sonny Barger but it's also home to two of the most rabid out-of-town team football bars in America -- The Buffalo Chip, a hangout for hardcore Cheeseheads, and Harold's Corral, which caters to coalminin', meth dealin' Pittsburgh partisans...full story

Dual Duel in the Desert
More than 200 competitors from Arizona, New Mexico, California, Colorado, and Canada rode in to compete in the fourth and fifth rounds, or the Dual Duel, of the MotoCity Off Road Championship Series -- Six months of races make up the series, all of which are organized by the Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association (AMRA) and respective racing clubs...full story

First Friday: February 2011
Spray-painted MLks, fire-twirling bad-asses, galleries of folks trying to escape the cold and, of course, Mike Maas; First Friday was a rollicking good time as usual in February. If you missed the fun, check it out from the safety of your computer in the photos above...see photos

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Stewart Hall
Stewart Hall

Kind of disappointing that there's no mention of NewTimes Soundcheck Shows last weekend at Club Red/Red Owl.

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