William Fucking Reed's Shake! Dance Party Returns For One Night Only on February 19

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They might be loathe to admit it, but members of the Valley's hipster DJ community owe a debt of gratitude to William Fucking Reed. His highly popular weekly indie dance party Shake! (which rocked The Rogue for five years straight from 2004 to 2009) also proved to be highly influential.

In addition to paving the way for such current trendy events as Cheap Thrills and Gin & Tronic, the Saturday night affair served as an incubator for burgeoning DJ talents like Funkfinger and Prince $$, some of whom would go on to launch their own weekly events. Even Reed himself has sired another popular night in the form of his Sticky Fingers shindig every Friday at Bar Smith.

Both Reed and a few of Shake's ample DJ diaspora of one-time regulars and residents are reviving the night for a special one-off celebrating its sixth anniversary on Saturday, February 19, at The Rogue. DJs such as Prince $$, Funkfinger, and Kevin the Makeout Bandit will perform, as will Reed and Denny Le Nimh (founder of the bygone Hot Pink! night that helped inspire Shake!)

Although it may seem a bit cockeyed to fete the birthday of a defunct dance night, Reed and company are planning to recapture the debaucherous Shake! spirit one more time.

As such, the Facebook page for the event states thusly: "[Six] years ago a rock and roll dance revolution started at the now legendary Rogue Bar. For one night only we return to recreate history!"

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