Steven Tyler Rejected For Led Zeppelin Position

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Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has revealed that lead singer Steven Tyler was turned down after he auditioned to replace Robert Plant in Led Zeppelin, according to NME.

However, Jimmy Page invited Tyler to make a record together, which Tyler declined. Why the hell would anyone turn down the chance to make an album with Jimmy Page?

In Tyler's defense, he stood by his band like a good man should.

"He's in the biggest band in the world and I'm in a band like that," Tyler said. "I have such an allegiance to my band, and I love it so much."

While it could've been a great collaborative album for Jimmy Page and Steven Tyler, not all music dreams can come true. Even though this one was shattered, keep looking out of more potential surprise collaborations this year.

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ha! Steven tyler REJECTED performing with led zepplin, and what he did, comparing to the TERRIBLE rejection that joe perry pulled and still pulls today, what steven did was nothing. This is what happened and i know this is true because it was on an interview i saw. Absolutly heartbreaking,heartless and horriblle. joe perry....had this PLANNED(the rejection), for steven tyler. he knew that steven thought of joe as a brother. he knew steven LOVED him, so he for some reason got pissed off, probably cuz he was acting like a baby, and it was probably creeping him out, he probably friggin thought steven was gay, he is not even close to that JOE, but anyway, joe didnt like the fact that steven tyler thought of him as a brother, so he decides to treat him TERRIBLY and not give a LIVING CRAP about him, and whenever steven mentions he loves joe, he gets all pissed,so finallly he got fed up, i think around 1980 or so, and he left the band.So, i mean, really, how terrible of someone to do that and him to say it will be along time till he sees the band members again, and he friggin leaves SEVEN broken hearted, but not JUST steven, he left US broken hearted. heressome great advice, listen to aerosmith, but when it comes to joe, just don't pay attention to him, hes such a heartbreaker and he still pulls this treating steven like crap stuff, so pay no attention to joe perry, because this is what i say, joe is one heck of a guitar god, but his personality is worse than bad cheese!joe perry hater? he too, for what he did, just awfulim so sorry about this steven tyler. stay strong for us :)


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