Mr. Miranda Records Song for Rick James Tribute Album

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Local rapper Mr. Miranda -- yes, he's related to the Miranda Warning guy -- is putting together a Rick James tribute record.

The Super Freak Tape: A Tribute to Rick James won't be out immediately but since tomorrow would have been the late singer's birthday Miranda is putting it out now. The song is called "Tell Me" and also features Michigan MC Buff 1.

Miranda says the project is about paying tribute to a musical idol, even if many people associate him more with the comic version on Chapelle's Show skits than the guy who made music.

"I just always look at an artist for exactly what they do -- art. I tend to not focus on their personal lives because that's really none of my business how they choose to go about their daily living, so I just worry about the music aspect of it instead and musically Rick was by far one of the greatest to ever do it so I respect him for that," Miranda says.

Hear the song below.

Mr. Mirande featuring Buff 1 - Tell Me by mmcizmar

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Oscar Alston
Oscar Alston

Mr. Miranda... Honorable! Buff 1 you did yo thang bro... Oscar Alston here, Rick James' Premiere Bass Player. Y'all got mad talent, keep doin what you do!

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