Kinch, Marianne Dissard, Gospel Claws and Mega Ran are the Only Arizona Artists Confirmed for SxSW So Far

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As of right now, Arizona only has four acts confirmed for showcases at the king-making SXSW music conference and festival.

That number could go up -- organizers say they're still adding acts and will up until mid-March, when the amps click on in Austin -- but so far Marianne Dissard of Tucson, Gospel Claws of Tempe and Kinch and Mega Ran and Phoenix are our only local bands.

Contrast that with last year, when the Phoenix area alone sent six (if you count Miniature Tigers) and 2009 when Arizona had it's own dayparty, "I Heart AZ," to accommodate all the showcasing acts.

Still, we've got some good ones this year. As you would expect, New Times has run long feature stories on all four acts confirmed so far (it's kinda what we do) so check those out below, and if you're in a band that gets picked to showcase, or are just driving out to play a dayparty and hang out with your homies, let us


Tucson's Marianne Dissard Filters Her French Sensibilities With an American Twang

Kinch Keeps Bringing It

Gospel Claws Explains What "Summer Nights Lakeside" is About Phoenix MC

Random Juggles Teaching, Rapping, and Superhero-Do

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Sloan D Walters
Sloan D Walters

Am I allowed to still be excited about going? We are hoping we can meet some new people to help us launch our new Gospel Claws Slim Jim.



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Dfactor Pop
Dfactor Pop

Jack's right on it! Stakes have gotten smaller for indie bands. As the NY Times wrote last March 18th:"The music festival, which gave birth to the whole franchise, keeps growing and growing despite the industry’s collapse, but the stakes keep getting smaller and smaller. A generation ago, fat major-label contracts were there for any band that won the popularity contest; now the majors are largely invisible, the financing has shifted to aggressively self-serving corporate sponsors, and the tastemakers are an array of blogs, media outlets and marketing companies. For a band that is welcomed into this jungle, the goals are usually to grab some eyeballs, make some contacts, find a corporation willing to make a moderate, short-term investment — in other words, to survive on a small scale, not to become a star." (Bold emphasis mine)


SXSW has become more of a business conference than a music conference (which I guess it always really was anyway). It's about corporate sponsors, beer sales, and what the record labels are going to make "the next big thing". I guess it comes down to what your goal as a musician/band are. Unless you want your music to be consumed as a product, don't bother. And even if you do, you probably won't get what you want anyway.


Or "Unless you want to make music your carer, don't bother"

SXSW has ALWAYS been an industry event. You don't go there to play on huge stages in front of thousands of fans (like say Coachella). You go there to WORK. Music was a business for Mozart, it was a business for Bob Dylan and it is one today. SXSW is a chance for WORKING musicians to come together with the professional agents, managers, publicists, labels, writers, lawyers, sponsors, talent buyers and other artists that they interact with (or would like to) all year long.

Anyone who complains about what it is becoming doesn't understand the point from the start.


The thing is, it is what you are saying it's not.Cheap Trick wasn't there to meet up with industry people. Nor were Guided By Voices.Same with Janes Addiction. There are big stages and there are thousands of fans. You think anyone is going to see Hunx and His Punx if they're playing at the same time as whoever the huge band is this year (I haven't looked).It's about selling stuff. It's about Miller Light, Chevrolet, AOL, Pepsi, Free Credit Report and Monster drinks.


And Cheap Trick and Guided By Voices have never done commercials or played gigs with sponsors before. To bad SXSW makes them play events with sponsors.

You also have obviously never been to SXSW. There are hundreds of bands playing at any given time and you will always find tinny new bands playing in front of big crowds at the same times a something huge. It is why I like SXSW. So much going on.

I am not saying sxsw isn't corporate as hell. My point is IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

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