Frankie Muniz, Romeo, DJ Clue, Common, Other B-Listers Playing Basketball for Charity this Weekend

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Frankie Muniz makes his triumphant entrance onto the court for last year's version of the Annual Jack in the Box Celebrity Shootout. He had a triple double with several rim-jarring dunks that left spectators slack-jawed. Just kidding, but he played.

Frankie Muniz, the former child actor who currently drums for one of Phoenix's most, ummm, band-like bands, You Hang Up, will be playing in a charity hoops event at US Airways Center this weekend.

Actually, Agent Cody Banks won't be the only musician in the house for the 10th Annual Jack in the Box Celebrity Shootout, presented by Robert and Carole Machiz, rich do-gooders who look really, really scary and made a ton of cash on the local Weight Watchers franchises.

Common (the rapper), Romeo (nee Lil' Romeo) and DJ Clue? (he's done some R&B songs you may know) will also be hoopin' it up.

Oh, and good tickets are only $100.

That's misleading, actually: $12 will get you in the door and up to the nosebleeds.

Also, with that you get a ticket to see the Suns play THE CHARLOTTE BOBCATS one of the NBA's most, ummmm, franchise-like franchises on the 26th. (Three days prior to the charity event, so watch for that, but there's no other team which draws as badly as the Bobcats this month so they had to make this work.)

Tickets and a full list of "celebrities" -- including actor Pooch Hall of Stomp the Yard 2 fame! -- here.

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Fratmaster X
Fratmaster X

Will Frankie's INSANE girlfriend be there? Getting a glimpse of her freaky 40 year old plastic surgery face is well worth the $12

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