DJ Jake Goldsmith Talks The Scenario, Sei A, Storm Queen, Ramadanman, and More

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Penny Lane
DJ Jake Goldsmith
Name: Jake Goldsmith

AKA: DJ Goldsmith

Current gigs: Wednesday nights at Bar Smith for The Scenario with Hempsey in the Main Room.

Genres spun: House, disco, techno, acid and many, many others.

How did you get started as a DJ? I've always loved music and have always collected it. In 1997, I went to a rave. I lost myself on the dance floor during a most inspiring set by DJ Garth of the Wicked Crew. The very next day, I decided I would give DJing a shot.

What's your mantra? Keep an open ear...if you know what I mean.

Preferred poison while DJing: Stella and water. Oh, and whenever possible, Jameson and ginger ale. So good.

What's something about yourself that might surprise others? I'm really a major goof.

What do you like best about the local DJ scene? I'm really loving the local DJ scene right now. I honestly could not say that a few years ago. It seems that right now there are a lot of good selectors getting gigs and taking part in cultivating a quality DJ scene that fosters innovation, creativity, respect, and a nod to the old school traditions and foundations of DJing.

Sample mix:

The Scenario 2011 Promo Mix by Jake Goldsmith

What's been your best experience as a DJ thus far? Sharing music with people and then taking part in the emotional/spiritual release as a result of the sharing. As for gigs, playing a really organic four-and-a-half hour set in Sedona for really great people that totally lost themselves on the dance floor the entire time.

And the worst? The conflict inherent in DJing as a money making endeavor. As for gigs, playing in Korea for a crowd that didn't get it.

Which do you like better -- spinning at clubs or raves? Depends on environment and situation. I have had amazing experiences at both. Raves in the desert are always fun, but a really packed sweaty club with great sound is a blast too!

Other local clubs where you've performed: Too many...

Craziest shit you've seen at a gig: Sex.

Who are your idols? I don't have any idols.

What are your goals as a DJ? To play any room at Fabric, to play a Yacht party with good friends and a bunch of 'heads', to play at the Marcy Hotel in Williamsburg, and tp travel to far off lands and meet good people. Oh, and I plan to release an EP in 2011.

What's the worst request you've ever gotten? Well, Hempsey and I were doing a house party thing for a friend on Halloween where we played all sorts of music, all of it quality, cuz that's what we around 3 am some girl that looked like a tween shouted out Lady Gaga. I replied 'Hell No', then no more than an hour later some drunk bro came up asking for Country! Very strange, we had people dancing all night long, but for some reason these clever folks thought a request was still necessary.

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